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Help Us Spread the Joy

Since our start in 2009, we have grown from distributing a few hundred individual arrangements per year to, in 2017, reaching a milestone of delivering 65,000 bouquets to smiling recipients. This expansion is a wonderful thing for the people we serve, but it also means we now incur significant expenses as we continue this uplifting service.

To keep our flowers flowing, we have established ourselves as an official non-profit organization able to offer our donors full tax deductibility.

Please help us Spread the Joy by logging onto to learn how far your donation can go toward providing hope to people in need of an unexpected moment of joy or a ray of sunshine.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Barb's big squisher
“Oh, that’s perfect,” Barb Blanco exclaimed as she bee-lined through the piles of treasure and trash that are the hallmark of a juicy New England antique shop. “I’ve got to get that!”

“Ah-h-h, perfect for what?” her antiquing buddy asked dubiously, gazing nonplussed at the industrial-sized potato ricer Barb clutched as she made her way to the sales desk.

To learn what we do with this new acquisition, and to hear what our Director of New Volunteers has to say about the Power of Flowers experience, click here.

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The ART and SCIENCE of the Power of Flowers

Have you ever noticed how much the ‘feel’ of a room can be improved by a new paint color, some key accessories or moving a few things around? Or how putting a vase of fresh flowers on your table can seem to perk you up? You may not even know it, but you are practicing an art form that has been around for thousands of years, called Feng Shui.
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