Power of Flowers

Since its beginning in 2009, with a few volunteers arranging flowers in floral designer Joyce Bellefeuille’s basement workshop, The Power of Flowers Project has grown to include 75 volunteers donating thousands of hours each year and scores of recipient facilities serving the ill, the elderly, veterans, and others in need of a lift.

We have delivered more than 55,000 individual arrangements to members of the community since then.

And most important to ensuring our work continues, the Power of Flowers Project has become an official 501(c)3 charitable organization with a dynamic board of directors, master plan to make the project self-sustaining, and the ability to offer tax deductions to our supporters.

The Power of Flowers Project is one small effort to reuse something beautiful and bring joy to others.

Although all our flowers are donated and all the work is done by volunteers, we have expenses such as foam and cups to make the arrangements, gasoline to deliver them and workshop overhead.  For this we rely on the generosity of people like you –people who want to see their charitable donations used to provide a valuable, uplifting service right in our own community.

Please consider a donation. Simply use out DONATE Button or contact us about how you can help!