The ART and SCIENCE of the Power of Flowers

gerbers in a vaseHave you ever noticed how much the ‘feel’ of a room can be improved by a new paint color, some key accessories or moving a few things around? Or how putting a vase of fresh flowers on your table can seem to perk you up? You may not even know it, but you are practicing an art form that has been around for thousands of years, called Feng Shui.

Feng Shui (pronounced fen schway) is an ancient Chinese practice in which everything in your surroundings is believed to have energy or chi, either positive or negative. The art of Feng Shui attempts to balance your home and work environments to improve and ensure good health, wealth and relationships. This is done by placing objects and furniture in a very specific manner and using color and artwork to enhance positive chi and minimize negative chi.

Fresh flowers, images of flowers and the colors of flowers or plants in your home are important elements in Feng Shui. They bring a healing energy as well as beauty and grace into your intimate settings. This can increase the ‘good chi’ flowing throughout your spaces.

The variety and vibrant colors of flowers represent some of the basic elements of fire, water or earth and bring different energies into a room.

For instance, red/yellow/orange relate to the fire element and expressions of these can help to improve energy and passion in your life. So if you suddenly find yourself tackling new projects (or your spouse…) it just may be that vase of deep red roses or arrangement of pink and orange gerbera daisies at work.

We all know that flowers are lovely to look at and delightful to sniff, but history and science tell us the POWER of FLOWERS goes far beyond a moment’s pleasure.