The Annual Victorian Tea – 2018

What a bright, cheerful crowd joined us for A Traditional Victorian Tea last Saturday!

Photo by Mary Leach

Going to the POF Victorian Tea

Photo by Mary Leach

Joyce B. with 2 Victorian Ladies

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

Linda M. and Anne R., Tea Co-Chairs

Photo by Mary Leach

Nathan M. on the Keyboard

Photo by Mary Leach

Chelmsford High School National Honor Society Students

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

Some Members of the Red Hat Society Enjoying Tea

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

Enjoying a Scrumptious Tea

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

Abigail Adams Visiting Tables

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

Table Setting

Photo by Mary Leach

Tussie Mussie Cone Favors with Candy

Photo by Mary Leach

Victorian Tea Table Setting

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

Raffle Table with Some of the Cool Raffle Items

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

Taking Chances on Raffle Items

Photo by Mary Leach

Maria F., Raffle Committee Chair

{hoto by Rosemary B. Intingaro

Some Gluten Free Tea Selections

Photo by Mary Leach

Savory Team Members Busy at Work

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

Sheryl Faye as Abigail Adams

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

You could hear a pin drop!

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

Selecting a Signature Bouquet

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

…And a Good Time Was Had by All

There were several local members of The Red Hat Society wearing their signature red and purple; a few women stunningly turned out in Victorian dress; many women wearing colorful hats and some wearing gloves and pearls; and almost everyone wearing a floral themed outfit. Instead of a dreary day in February, the Tewksbury Senior Center looked like a Spring festival.

The tables were all gleaming with beautiful linens; lovely china, pottery, and glass tableware; silverware; and a charming assortment of tea pots. Each place setting had a hand-made tussie-mussie cone filled with candy and all tied up with a ribbon and a great quote from Abigail Adams.

” To be good, and do good, is the whole duty of man comprised in a few words.”
– Abigail Adams, September 29, 1778

The pleasant, live music wafted over the convivial chatting and catching up. Little by little, people sat down to a scrumptious traditional tea…there were tea sandwiches, scones with lemon curd and clotted cream. And the pastries! In addition to the cookies in the shape of tea bags, there were sweet delights in every flavor, shape and color… all beautifully presented.

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

Abigail Adams Visiting Tables

Sheryl Faye, the actress playing Abigail Adams, wandered from table to table chatting with the tea goers and staying in character throughout her “visits.” Members of the Chelmsford High School Honor Society graciously served tea and replenished plates of goodies.

Leslie K., POF Executive Director, made a few comments, thanking all the people who worked so hard to put the Victorian Tea together (see Thank You Note, below), and then introduced Sheryl.


As soon as Sheryl Faye started her impersonation of Abigail Adams, all tea party chatter and clinking of china came to an abrupt halt. I was astounded at how quiet the large room with nearly 200 attendees became once Sheryl began speaking — you could hear a pin drop.

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

Sheryl Faye as Abigail Adams

Everyone listened with rapt attention as “Abigail” started telling us about her childhood, her young adulthood, marriage to John Adams, and her children. By manipulating her ingeniously designed costume, we saw her change from a young woman to a charming child, to a bride, and to America’s Second First Lady. I had seen Sheryl transform herself into a variety of historical women at other times, and this was another of her stellar performances.
Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

You could have heard a pin drop!

This was the first time Sheryl impersonated Abigail Adams; and it was the first time she used, music, voices and a slide scenery backdrop, which added to the performance. Sheryl rigorously researches the historical women she portrays and then puts together an informative, enjoyable, and often poignant portrayal.

I came away Saturday having learned a few things about Abigail and wanting to know more about this fascinating woman.

After the show, Sheryl adroitly handled a brief question and answer session before closing the show. We were all sorry to see her pack up and return to the 21st Century!

Next on the agenda, raffle winners were announced, and everyone headed home with their prizes and one of POF signature bouquets from the Garden Cart.

It was truly a memorable occasion.

The next day, Sunday, was cold, rainy, and raw. Easy to get a case of the post-winter-holiday-February blahs. However, since I had won a table centerpiece in the raffle at the Tea, I smiled every time I walked past my bright bouquet. It reminded me why we do what we do at POF: to put a splash of color in the life and a smile on the face of someone who needs just that.

With your help and support at FUNdraisers such as this Annual Victorian Tea, we can continue spreading joy, one flower at a time.

A Thank You Note:
Many Thanks to all who made this Annual Victorian Tea such a sucessful event:
. Linda M. and Anne R., who co-chaired the event and made it all happen
. Rita B. and Mary G., who led the Sweet and Savory Team for the food and beverages
. Maria F., who oversaw the raffle
. Linda C., who provided the delightful favors as well as for her continued wise guidance
. Joyce B. and Linda M., who made the gorgeous centerpieces
. Sheryl F., who brought Abigail Adams to the Tea Party
. Nathan M. on the Keyboard, who provided delightful music
.Chelmsford High School National Honor Society Students, who kept the tea flowing and the food replenished
. The Tewksbury Senior Center, who made the wonderful venue available
. All of the POF volunteers on the Victorian Tea Committee, who made this event such a huge success.
And of course, Our Sponsors:
. Whole Foods / Andover Store
. Bright View Concord River
. Harney & Sons Teas
. Idylwilde Farms
. Lindt Chocolatiers
. Muffins on Main
. Trader Joe’s of Nashua
. Wegman’s

(Please support these sponsors whose generosity supports us!)

Happy Anniversary to US!

Photo by Rosemary B. IntingaroIn February, the Power of Flowers Project is celebrating its 5 YEAR Anniversary.

Joyce B. founded POF in 2009 in the basement of her home with the help of a few volunteers. But it wasn’t until 2013 when the By-Laws were adopted and the subsequent attainment of the 501 (c) 3 status that the Power of Flowers Project became a bona fide non-profit organization.

We’ve blossomed from a home-grown operation with just a few folks to a regional non-profit with a sizable impact. It’s been an amazing journey and so much has been accomplished in five short years:

Since its inception, Power of Flowers Volunteers created and delivered over 73,000* bouquets to people in need of a smile: at nursing homes, retirement communities, Meals on Wheels programs, VA hospitals, shelters… anywhere in the community where smiles are few and far between.

*To illustrate this number, picture the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis during the Super Bowl. Picture each fan in the seats holding a POF signature bouquet and that’s slightly less than the number of bouquets we’ve delivered since 2009.

Approximately 12 stems are typically used in a signature bouquet, which makes the total number of flowers that POF has rescued, reused, and redistributed close to 1,000,000.

Signature bouquets have a “Halo” effect… they not only bring smiles to the recipients, but also to people visiting the recipients, staff members of the facility, and of course, the volunteers who made and those who deliver the bouquets. Flower donors can smile, too, knowing their beautiful blooms were not wasted.

In addition to signature bouquets, POF spreads joy through the Flower Therapy Workshop Program. POF Volunteers bring all supplies and flowers on the road. They teach and assist participants in making their own bouquets at the participant’s facility. Of course, participants keep the bouquets they made. In 2017 alone, we held over 65 Flower Therapy Workshops at Nursing Homes, Senior Centers, and Assisted Living Venues. AND we have more planned for the future.

An outcropping of the Flower Therapy Workshop is the Kindness Connection Program where POF Volunteers bring supplies and flowers to a business to help provide team-building and community service experiences for their employees. Company employees create bouquets with the help of POF Volunteers. Employees who participate in the program then deliver the bouquets with their company’s logo to the facility of their choice.

A similar program, After Hours Flower Workshops, is a fund-raising program that enables small groups to come to the workshop and make bouquets with POF volunteers assisting. For a small donation, participants can learn how to make our signature bouquets, produce bouquets for delivery to one of our senior facilities, as well as make an arrangement to take home to enjoy or to give as a gift.

During the past 5 years, our roster of volunteers has grown from a handful to over 133… and that number is growing all the time. Our volunteers come from all walks of life, from near and far, and each and every one brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and energy. We are so very grateful to all our hard-working volunteers with their can-do attitudes. We have also been pleasantly surprised to find that many of our volunteers help out in other areas of the community, as far-reaching areas as zoos, farms, museums, animal shelters, garden clubs, hospitals, churches. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Volunteers are Our Most Valuable Resource. In 2017, 133 volunteers gave 9,439 hours of their time making and delivering 18,184 bouquets,

Over the years, we have become very Green. We not only recycle flowers, but last year alone we recycled and resold about 3,000 floral containers back into the floral industry.

We’ve recently installed a composter in the Workshop and are now composting our floral waste. Not only are we re-purposing flowers and greens, bringing smiles to so many, but we are also using those discarded stems and any unusable floral items to create compost to enrich the circle of life…something else to smile about!!

Part of POF’s growth and success are due to YOU, our loyal and generous followers, donors, sponsors, and supporters. Last year alone 88 Flower Donors through their generosity provided smiles to 130 care communities in over 30 cities and towns

Your response to our fundraisers over the years has been very heartwarming. Just in 2017 alone, events such as the Plant Sale, Spread the Joy Luncheon, Trinkets to Treasures, and Beadle Workshop has been overwhelming and has raised funds necessary to continue this important work and to carry us forward to the next five years.

So, to celebrate our accomplishments over the last five years, we wanted to toot our own horn, and we realize that we couldn’t have done it without YOU and your generosity

Victorian Tea Reminder

The Tea by Mary Cassett circa 1880

A reminder for ticketholders: the Second Annual Victorian Tea is fast approaching. Bundle your bustles, grab your gloves, fetch your fascinators, and head on over to this wonderful sold-out event on Saturday, February 10, from 11 AM to 1 PM at the Tewksbury Senior Center, 175 Chandler Street, Tewskbury.


Sheryl Faye as Abigail Adams


Presiding over the traditional tea will be Abigail Adams, played by Sheryl Faye, a local actress who has done an outstanding job of portraying the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt, Helen Keller, Clara Barton, and Anne Frank to name a few. This is the first time Sheryl will feature Abigail Adams in her one-woman show.

As with the other historical women she portrays, Sheryl does extensive and careful research into each character. Since Abigail Adams is one of the most well-documented of American First Ladies, Sheryl has a lot of information on which to draw.

Using a variety of props and costume changes, Sheryl introduces Abigail as an adult and then seamlessly depicts her childhood, young adulthood, marriage to John Adams and ends her story as an adult. If you’ve never seen Sheryl work her magic, you’re in for a treat. If you’ve seen her portrayal of other characters, you’ll be mesmerized by her transformation into this beloved 18th- century woman

If Sheryl’s portrayal of other historical women is any indication, her dramatization of Abigail Adams will suit her to a “T”

Not All Super Heroes Wear Capes

iStock Photo
…. Some wear Pink Aprons!

At the Annual Volunteer Party in December, another Super Hero was added to the ranks of the Power of Flowers Pink Apron Award Recipients.

Twice a year a ballot is sent to all those on the Power of Flowers roster to vote for that individual who is most deserving of the award… the person who demonstrates outstanding dedication, generosity, and efforts in carrying out the mission of the POF project.

Kali W. tallies all the votes and announces the winners in June and in December of each year. After counting the batch of ballots this December, Jane R. emerged as the winner in a tight field of talented volunteers.

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

The spotlight was on Jane R. as Kali W. presented her with the coveted Pink Apron Award

Jane, much loved by many, has quite a history at the Power of Flowers.

Most recently, she headed the committee responsible for the Annual Volunteer Holiday Party. She also turned in a stellar performance as Chair of the Silent Auction during the Spread the Joy Luncheon in October.

Her name has consistently appeared in the upper stratosphere of volunteer hours logged. She’s tenacious, effective, efficient; and she handles it all with style, grace and a winning smile! Her laugh is infectious!

Jane, congratulations on your well-deserved award, and thank you for your unwavering commitment to the Power of Flowers Project.

Jane R. Wearing Her Pink Apron Award (and her Winning Smile)

Jane R., welcome to the sisterhood of other Pink Apron Award Winners: Joyce B., Linda C., and Liz J.

Volunteers Making Merry

Photo by Liz JegasothyOn December 14, many of the Power of Flowers Volunteers took a brief break from making signature bouquets and started making merry at The Annual POF Volunteer Holiday Party.

We thank our friends at the Tewksbury Senior Center for kindly allowing us to use their wonderful, festively decorated room, which comfortably fit the approximately 50 volunteers who attended.

And those who attended had a great time catching up and making new friends. The room was bright with Christmas lights and each table had one of our own lighted boxwood trees or pretty candle centerpieces created by the POF Decorating Committee. There was quite a variety of delectable dishes people brought to share. It’s safe to say that no one went home hungry. Photo by Liz Jegasothy

While everyone was enjoying the meal, Joyce B. made several end-of-the-year announcements that put everyone in the holiday spirit:Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

133 Volunteers gave 9,439 hours of their time making and delivering 18,184 bouquets in 2017!

During 2017, POF held 65 Power Therapy Workshops at Assisted Living, Senior Center, and Nursing Home Locations!

Kali W. awarded several certificates to volunteers who had performed over and above the call of duty. Some of the recipients were:

    Lois A. – for Chairing our super-successful Spread the Joy Luncheon fundraiser.
    Joyce B. – for being the most traveled picker-upper volunteer.
    Barbara B. – for being Recycling Program Leader extraordinaire!
    Rita B. – for generally being referred to as The Energizer Bunny of the workshop! Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro
    Linda C. – for being the Monday Power Volunteer and being fun, enthusiastic, and focused on creating the most bouquets.
    Phyllis D. – for Chairing the 2017 Plant Sale and for being, sweet, positive, and thorough.
    Maria F.– for Chairing the Flower Therapy Workshops and being a pleasure to work with!
    Mary G. – who is always ready and willing to pick up and make deliveries anytime.
    Liz J. – for making volunteer callout communications seamless as well as entertaining. Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro
    Barbara M. – for her sparkling personality and genius marketing skills which made our first Victorian Tea a HUGE success.

But then, it was time to award the Academy-Golden Globe-Triple Crown Award: the POF Pink Apron. The Pink Apron Award is given twice a year (in May and December) to the person who has received the most votes from the Volunteers in a secret ballot.

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro
Jane R. was presented with the Pink Apron Award for her contributions and for demonstrating outstanding dedication, generosity, and effort in carrying out the mission of the POF project. And she did it all with grace, charm, and a great sense of humor To thunderous applause, Jane now joins the exalted ranks of Joyce B., Linda C., and Liz J. who are previous pink apron winners.

You can read more about Jane and The Pink Apron Award in the blog post “Not All Super Heros Wear Capes.”

Much hilarity ensued after the awards were given when everyone participated in the Saran Wrap Ball Game… Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro
The Saran Wrap ball was passed to a volunteer who unwrapped the plastic to reveal many wonderful prizes: candy, gift cards and certificate for larger prizes, such as wine, The volunteer continued unwrapping as fast as she could until another volunteer rolled doubles on a pair of dice. Then the ball was passed to the next volunteer. Round and round the ball went with lots of laughter until it was depleted (the ball, certainly not the laughter!). Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

As at the Volunteer Appreciation Brunch in June, volunteers brought much needed items for the residents of the battered women’s safe house and their children. The focus this time was on toys for the children as well as necessities for their moms. Many hands helped pack up the gifts and put them in a van to be delivered to the home. Photo by Rosemary Intingaro

After making quick work of cleaning up, attendees chose a charming little gift bag filled with candy and a hand-made Power of Flowers ceramic ornament on their way out.

Jane R. and her committee did a fantastic job putting together the fun, festive evening. Thanks to them, the Annual Volunteer Holiday Party 2017 was a rousing success!

Thanks to all who attended and brought goodies and those who planned, decorated, and made the event happen.

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good NightPhoto by Rosemary B. Intingaro

Kindness Makes a Connection with Salesforce

Salesforce Logo on Bouquets Headed to Stonebridge Residents

The Power of Flowers Project kicked off our 2018 Kindness Connection Program with a hearty VIP (volunteering in place) session at Salesforce, Inc., in Burlington, MA. Kindness Connection is a way for Power of Flowers Project to connect with corporate social responsibility initiatives.

With sunlight streaming in the floor to ceiling windows, the room was perfect for the activity. Suki H., our host at Salesforce and also a Power of Flowers Project volunteer, welcomed the 23 participants to the session. Leslie K. then thanked Salesforce for hosting this VIP session and the participants for donating their time. Joyce B. provided context by explaining who we are, what we do, and why it matters.

In turn, the participants explained why they chose to spend their time with us making bouquets. Several had family members who had been in assisted living and wanted to give back, others love flowers, and all wanted to make someone smile.

And smile we did! Participants busily followed Joyce’s instructions for creating the collar, inserting the line flower, selecting the focal flowers, and touching up with texture. Power of Flowers Project volunteers, Daisy V. and Muriel S., assisted the group by distributing supplies, answering questions, and providing feedback on flower selection and design. The resulting bouquets put a smile on all our faces.

Salesforce Volunteers Create Beautiful Bouquets

Smiling Participants Display Their Creations

The 23 participants contributed money to attend the session and donated their time and energy to create something beautiful to give to someone in need. They produced 36 gorgeous creations which our host, Suki H., delivered to residents at Stonebridge in Burlington. Many more smiles happened that day.

Salesforce Employees Give Back through our Volunteering In Place (VIP) Session

If you know of a business or corporation interested in providing this opportunity to their employees, please contact Leslie Kirle, Executive Director.

Holiday Presents Came Early this Year…

By Iwona Erskine-Kellie (Flickr: [1]) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

“…From angels bending near the earth, To touch their harps of gold”

We are so incredibly grateful to many angels for their generous gifts throughout the holiday season, and we’d like to share the news with you.

Brian and Grace Charland presenting Leslie K. and Joyce B. with the first of four generous gifts.

Brian and Grace Charland presenting Leslie K. and Joyce B. with the first of four generous gifts from the Raymond and Elaclaire Gosselin Charitable Foundation


We are very excited to report that we received the largest donation in the history of the Power of Flowers project to date from the Raymond and Elaclaire Gosselin Charitable Foundation. They love what we do, so the Trustees of the Foundation donated $60,000 to be given to us in equal installments over 4 years. In December Brian and Grace Charland, Trustees of the Foundation, presented Power of Flowers with the first check for $15,000.

In other angel news, Quota International of Andover awarded us a $300 grant, which POF will use to hold 2 Flower Therapy Workshops in Andover. The workshops will be held at the Punchard Senior Center and the Memorial Hall Library of Andover in the coming weeks. In addition to making seniors in the Andover area happy, this wonderful grant will help us to raise awareness of POF in the community and to attract new volunteers.

Donations come from so many sources: foundations, service organizations, as well as our constituency.

Photo by Rosemary B. IntingaroOur good friends, the angels at Brightview at Concord River, hosted a fundraising event, Trinkets to Treasures, for POF in November. Many people attended that fun evening and purchased donated jewelry and other treasures. Recently, the staff at Brightview presented us with a check for $771, which represented 100% of the sales during the event.

Also in December, POF received a Community Service Award from the Lowell World AIDS Day Committee. We sincerely appreciate their recognizing the work we do at POF and their joy at receiving our bouquets.

Other angels include POF Volunteers who rose to the occasion and made donations before the end of the year, which were matched by a very special anonymous angel. The Volunteer Contribution Matching Program will be the focus of another post and provide more details.

To all our angels: Raymond and Elaclaire Gosselin Charitable Foundation, Quota International of Andover, Brightview-Concord River, Lowell World AIDS Day Committee, and all Power of Flowers Volunteers, a heartfelt, sincere thanks. We are so very grateful for your generosity.

To quote Victor Hugo, ” You must be an angel since you care for flowers.” Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

Poinsettias: Beautiful Flowers of the Season

Attribution: By Photo (c)2007 Helen Filatova (Photo taken by Helen Filatova at Free Photos) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Everywhere you look this time of year you’ll probably see wonderful poinsettia plants. (According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the standard pronunciation is poin•set•tia).

You’ll see them in malls, shops, churches, restaurants… everywhere a little Christmas color and life are wanted.

Where you won’t see them is growing in people’s yards here in New England.

Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima, a member of the spurge family) are tropical plants usually found in Central America and Mexico. In fact, the English name Poinsettia is derived from the first United States Minister to Mexico, Joel R. Poinsett, who introduced the plant to the U. S. in 1825.

By Frank Vincentz (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsWe think of Poinsettias as having red flowers and green leaves, but actually, the red “petals” are also leaves called bracts. The poinsettia flowers are the little yellow berry-like buds in the center of the plant.

By No machine-readable author provided. Maxwahrhaftig~commonswiki assumed (based on copyright claims). [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsToday, poinsettia can be found with a dazzling array of colors not just flaming red but orange, pale green, cream, pink, white, or marbled.

When buying poinsettias, choose plants with strong stems and no sign of breakage or wilting. Bracts should be in full color with no green edges. The buds should be yellow with little or no pollen.

To preserve them throughout the season, keep your poinsettia in filtered sunlight for at least 6 hours a day with room temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees. As tropical plants, they don’t like drafts or cold. Water your plant only when the soil is dry to the touch.

While poinsettias are easy to care for, it’s a whole different ballgame to keep your plant through the year and have it bloom next Christmas. If you’re adventurous and are up to a challenge, there are plenty of places on the web that will describe how to do this.

Poisonous Poinsettias? Many people think that ingesting parts of the poinsettia plant is poisonous to cats, dogs, or kids. Most websites will tell you that this isn’t true (WebMD and the Pet Poison Hotline for example), but they do say that eating a quantity can produce forms of gastrointestinal upset (i.e., diarrhea and vomiting). So, I’m thinking that to have a happy holiday for ALL concerned, keep kids and pets away from the plants, but if a small amount gets eaten, don’t panic.Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

All of us here at the Power of Flowers Project wish you and your family and friends a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We’ve Got Mail!

Photo by Rosemary B. Intingaro

Meals on Wheels programs are often recipients of Power of Flowers signature bouquets. Minuteman Senior Services is the agency responsible for this important nutrition program in several local communities. A MSS volunteer driver, Patty D., wrote us this lovely note after witnessing a Power of Flowers delivery to the Meals on Wheel program in Bedford:


I volunteer with Bedford Meals-on-Wheels and serving lunch in the Senior Center. This week Bedford was blessed to receive your glorious bouquets. I witnessed and want share with all of you the transformative power of your flowers. Everyone that walked in, stopped. Smiled at the beauty, the kindness, the care. Marveled at how unique each was, and the scent. Like fresh life itself. Thank you. I’m a gardener, but honestly, I’ve never seen flowers change everyone in the room before.

Thank you, Patty D,

What a joy to open the door to a hot meal and an artful bouquet.

Thank you, Patty. We love hearing how our work affects people… it’s why we do what we do.

It means so much to us to hear first-hand stories of the impact POF has in the community.

We love getting mail!

Giving Thanks

Freedom from Want from the Four Freedoms Series by Norman Rockwell, 1943

We at Power of Flowers want to wish you and your friends and family a very happy Thanksgiving.

Among the many things that we are thankful for are all the folks who have been so supportive of our organization over the years.

    • all our wonderful Volunteers, most of whom go over and above the call of duty
    • the wise and knowledgeable Members of the Board who have guided POF so successfully
    • our many Sponsors who have been so very supportive in our endeavors
    • the Community, which has embraced our mission and has repeatedly shown us kindness and consideration
    • and YOU. You who have generously donated time, money, goods, and flowers to the organization.

We are so very grateful and couldn’t do what we do without ALL of you.

Just a reminder about #GivingTuesday, November 28. We hope you can participate in some way to support your favorite charity, by donating time, money, or goods. There are many ways to give on #GivingTuesday. Please remember that any donations POF Volunteers make to the Power of Flowers Project before the end of the year will be matched by an anonymous donor up to $1,500.