Nonprofit Organization Awareness

The Massachusetts Nonprofit Network declared June 5 as Nonprofit Awareness Day. Although that date has passed, we wanted to share some information you may not know about the many ways the Power of Flowers Project impacts local communities.

You probably know that our organization, comprised almost entirely of volunteers, works to make a difference in the community one flower at a time. On the Home page of our website, you will see a Bouquet Counter that is updated daily with the number of bouquets we have delivered to those in need since we began in 2009. Currently that number stands at over 66,000 bouquets.

We have delivered over 66,000 bouquets to those in need.

To illustrate the magnitude of that number, Gillette Stadium in Foxboro MA holds 66,829 seats during football games. Picture each fan in a seat holding a Power of Flowers signature bouquet, and that’s how many smiles we’ve generated with our bouquets.

In addition to spreading the joy by delivering bouquets, we regularly hold Flower Therapy Workshops in a variety of locations. We bring all the necessary supplies and teach people how to create their own bouquet. For example, a few weeks ago, we held a Flower Therapy Workshop at The Oblate Residence in Tewksbury. Everyone had a great time… the gentlemen and the POF volunteers.

We’re not ones to rest on our laurel leaves either. We’re instituting a Kindness Connections program which will allow local businesses to join in on the fun helping the community. Similar to Flower Therapy Workshops, a Kindness Connection event is held at a local company and POF volunteers show company employees how to make bouquets, which are then distributed into the community. Stay tuned for more information on this worthwhile new offering.

Along with regularly scheduled deliveries and workshops, POF reaches out to the community when tragedies occur. Recently after a fire at Courville at Nashua, residents had to be relocated to Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation-Greenbrier also in Nashua. In an effort to lift sagging spirits, POF quickly sent over 160 bouquets to the permanent and the relocated residents and staff of the facility.

In May we sent a few Mother’s Day bouquets to a battered women’s “safe house.” We received a lovely note from a woman who provides support for this and other causes in the area. We were so very pleased to hear that this small gesture was so well received by the residents and summoned some much needed smiles.

In order to continue to do this work, the Power of Flowers Project relies on donations, grant money and proceeds from fundraisers, such as the recent Victorian Tea, the Annual Plant Sale held at the Tewksbury Senior Center, and the Annual Spread the Joy Luncheon coming on October 18, 2017.

AND from viewers like you. Please consider helping the Power of Flowers Project so that we can spread the joy even farther! There are several ways you can do this… Here’s How.

We’ve Got Mail!

At the request of one of our members, we delivered a few bouquets to the residents of a battered women’s “safe house” in the area on Mother’s Day. As Power of Flowers bouquet deliveries go, it was relatively small; but the effect of the gesture was great.

We received this lovely note from the woman who provides support for this and other causes in the area.

“Last month your amazing facility donated a bouquet of flowers to each mom at a safe house that I service. I cannot express their gratitude.

There are 5 women at the safe house today (number changes every day). These women know nothing but violence and pain. Our last mom came in with a 5 week old baby and 5 broken ribs. Each story is worse than the last.

Your donation of flowers made these women smile. That is such a rare thing. So many times we take these little things for granted. A smile. You changed their mood for the day. They felt loved and cared for and for this I can never thank you enough.

With my sincerest gratitude,
Paula “

It means to much to us at Power of Flowers to hear first-hand stories of the impact that such a small gesture can make.

We love getting mail!

Community Service with a Smile!

The Tewksbury Senior Center graciously let Power of Flowers hold our annual Plant Sale on the Center’s grounds in early May. Despite the rain, the plant sale was a success, but there were a few pots that didn’t get sold. What to do? What to do?

Last Friday to repay the kind folks at the Senior Center, 8 POF volunteers spent the day at the Center planting 40 or more of the remaining perennials for residents to enjoy… another example of Power of Flowers commitment to recycling and spreading joy.

With Phyllis D. as their group leader. the terrific, hard-working, get-the-job-done-and-have-fun POF volunteers, were:

  • Eileen B.
  • Rita B.
  • Linda C.
  • Sandy D.
  • Joan M.
  • Heidi W.
  • Kali W.

Tewksbury Garden Club also sent over some members to help with Carole B. as the group leader.

Ashley Springman, Director of the Council on Aging at the Tewksbury Senior Center, was greatly impressed with the results.

Thanks to all who participated… you did a great job. You Rock!!

School Gets An A+ in Generosity and Kindness

CHCH Flowers

CHCH Flowers Arriving at POF Workshop

Last week, Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall, a private school in Waltham for grades 9 through post-grad, held its 189th commencement ceremony. After the festivities, CHCH generously donated 25 beautiful floral centerpieces and 3 stunning bouquets to The Power of Flowers project.

Back at our workshop, POF volunteers refreshed the flowers, which they then used to create smaller bouquets.

Twenty-four hours after the flowers were picked up from CHCH, 80 bouquets were delivered by our Joymobile to Brookdale Senior Living in Chelmsford where they brought much joy to residents.

We at Power of Flowers extend our best wishes to all the 2017 graduates of Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall and our sincere thanks for sharing your wonderful celebration with others.

Recycled CHCH Flowers Going to Brookdale

Recycled CHCH Flowers Going to Brookdale

A POF Volunteer rearranging CHCH Flowers in small bouquets

A POF Volunteer rearranging CHCH Flowers in small bouquets

Thanks, Dana Home Foundation, for Your Generosity

Granted, it’s déjà vu all over again… For the third year in a row the Power of Flowers Project was the proud recipient of the Dana Home Foundation Grant. In a recent ceremony Joyce Bellefeuille, founder of the project, accepted the grant on behalf of the Power of Flowers.

That's our Joyce, sixth from the left

We’ve earmarked this year’s grant for hiring a professional marketing consultant who will help us develop a marketing plan and marketing materials.

The Grant is the result of a long history of helping seniors and of service to the Lexington community. The Dana Home opened in 1916 and operated as a home for seniors for 95 years before closing in 2010. Following the sale of the home (now the Inn at Hastings Park), the Board of the Dana Home voted to use its endowment to fund programs that provide benefits to seniors with a connection to Lexington.

Dana Home

During the past year alone, the Power of Flowers Project has delivered 2,774 bouquets to seniors in assisted living and nursing home sites in Lexington and conducted more than a dozen flower therapy workshops in the area.

The generosity of the Dana Home Foundation and our use of the grant funds will extend beyond Lexington borders into other communities.
In 2015 the Grant money enabled us to buy the Power of Flowers Van (the Joymobile), which greatly helped us pick up flowers and make deliveries. In 2016, we were able to purchase much-needed donor management software with the Grant money.

The Joymobile

Dana Home Foundation, we salute you as you continue to honor the legacy of Ellen Dana who made the original generous bequest of her home. Our sincere gratitude for helping us spread the joy!

Joyce Bellefeuille made the centerpieces for the Grant Ceremony Banquet

Call for Flowers… ‘Tis the Season

Spring and Summer are surely the seasons for celebrations of all kinds: weddings, showers, graduations, award ceremonies, banquets, reunions… Often arrangements of beautiful flowers add joy to these festivities. But afterwards, what happens to these joyous blossoms?

If you’re involved in any of these types of celebrations, please consider donating the arrangements to the Power of Flowers project after the party’s over. We can then refresh, recycle, and rearrange the flowers into smaller bouquets to share with people who might be in need of a smile.

Bouquet of Peace by Pablo Picasso

To donate flowers, click Ways to Donate on the Power of Flowers Website. Scroll down to Donate Event Flowers and click the Donate Event Flowers Form. After you fill out and submit the form, we’ll contact you to arrange to pick up the flowers.

Thanks so much for sharing your happy event with people who need sunshine in their lives and for helping spread the joy!

When Poppies Grow in Flanders Field: A Day to Remember

CC BY-SA 2.0,, May 26, is Remembrance Day; and you may see people selling red paper poppies around your neighborhood. There’s a long history of how The Red Field Poppy became an international symbol of those who have fought and died in war.

The red field or corn poppy (papaver rhoeas) flowers each year in May through August. The wind disseminates its seeds, which can lie dormant in the ground for a long time. If the ground is disturbed from the early spring, the seeds will germinate and the poppy flowers will grow. In the spring of 1915, the churned up World War I battlefields of France and Belgium and newly dug graves of fallen soldiers provided the perfect conditions for this “Miracle Flower.” In Flanders Field, Belgium, a Canadian soldier, John McCrae, noticed these flowers blooming amid the devastated landscape. He was moved to write the poem “We Shall Not Sleep” also known as “In Flanders Field.”US Commemorative Stamp honoring Moira Michael issued 11/9/1948

After reading the poem, Moira Michael, a YMCA canteen volunteer wrote her own poem “We Shall Keep the Faith”. Then and there she vowed to always wear a red poppy in remembrance. Working for the Staff of the Overseas YMCA Secretaries, Moira launched a campaign at her own expense to promote the poppy to honor the memory of those who had died in the service of their country and those who were returning with mental, physical and spiritual needs. Thanks to her efforts, the newly founded American Legion adopted the Flanders Fields Memorial Poppy as the United States’ national emblem of Remembrance

A French woman, Madame Anna E. Guérin, founder of The American and French Children’s League, organized French women, children and war veterans to make cloth poppies, which could be sold to benefit people suffering from the war. She also spearheaded the effort to introduce the poppy to nations which had been Allied with France during the First World War. During 1921 she made visits or sent representatives to America, Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand.

For more information and to read the poem, go the U. S. Department of Public Affairs website

We here at Power of Flowers appreciate the service of all men and women in all the conflicts over the years, and we never miss an opportunity to demonstrate this appreciation. This past Tuesday we delivered 72 bouquets to the Billerica Council on Aging to be used at their Veteran’s Appreciation Breakfast

We sincerely salute all the service men and women and their families. Have a safe and happy Remembrance Day and Memorial Day.