Spotlight on a Power of Flowers Project Partner

Oasis Floral products

One of the first companies to partner with the Power of Flowers Project: Smithers-Oasis of Kent, OH. Back in 1954 the founder of the company, Mr. V.L. Smithers, invented water-absorbing floral foam which revolutionized the industry. Today they are a trusted brand and leader in the global floral design industry. Smithers-Oasis is also a leader in giving back to the communities they serve and we are a prime example of their generosity as they have donated our floral foam needs for all of 2013! We use floral foam in every bouquet and since we are now delivering thousands each year, this was a considerable savings to the project. The Power of Flowers Project would like to extend our sincere thanks to Smithers-Oasis and especially their CEO Robin Kilbride for their generosity!

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