National Volunteer Week April 23-29, 2017

During the Civil War, the foremost woman volunteer in history, Clara Barton, gained notoriety. Clara Barton with her team of volunteers began providing care and aid to soldiers in this tragic war. It is fitting that our predecessor as volunteers was a woman.

You, as a volunteer for the Power of Flowers Project, carry on this proud tradition of service. Every flower you touch transmits joy to the elderly person receiving it. You do it all—pick up and process the flowers, make and deliver the bouquets, sweep the floors and clean the coolers, plan and attend fund-raisers—you are indispensable to the success of The Power of Flowers Project….you are appreciated.

Volunteers at the June 2016 Appreciation Event

At the Power of Flowers Project last year…

* 113 Active Volunteers worked 9,189 hours

* Joyce volunteered 1,203 hours

* 18,037 bouquets were made

* 567 deliveries were made bringing joy to thousands of seniors

* 52 Flower Therapy Workshops made caring connections with hundreds more

* 547 trips to pick up donated flowers were made by volunteers

* 5.5 days a week were worked on average

That’s what you accomplished with your dedication, your commitment to making someone’s day better, your effort to put a smile on the face of someone in need.


1. We take donated flowers that would otherwise be thrown into some dumpster and save 70% of them. We re-hydrate them overnight and then recycle them in individual bouquets.

2. We use biodegradable cups for these bouquets.

Compostable Cups

3. Each month we recycle for reuse a van full of glass, paper, and plastic items. Hundreds of pounds a year of floral supplies and containers, in which donated flowers arrive from weddings and funeral homes, are cleaned and sold back to the floral industry for reuse.

4. Volunteers regularly take home plant material to compost and take cardboard boxes to the Tewksbury Hospital site to recycle.

We’re proud of our symbol–a flower surrounded by the universal recycling symbol.

That symbol was designed nearly 40 years ago in this country and is now used worldwide, often surrounded by the words: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We adopted it and added the pink posie to demonstrate how important recycling is to our mission.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…that’s precisely what the Power of Flowers Project does!

Join our efforts….Donate time! Donate flowers! Donate money! Visit us at Power of Flowers Project to get started!

Sneak Peek: Raffle Items at the Plant Sale on May 6

Look at the fantastic raffle items we have for you

In addition to mature perennials, nursery-grown annuals, herbs and house plants, these items will go to lucky raffle winners:

    Two stunning containers planted and ready to put on your porch or patio
    A gardening collection of potting soil, tools, seeds and a decorative pot
    A gift card to Weston Nurseries in Chelmsford
    A beautiful quilt, called “Spring Song”

Here’s a sneak peek at a couple of the raffle items!

Gardening Collection from Home Depot

Spring Song Quilt 62″x74

Detail of Quilt Edge

See you Saturday, May 6 at the Tewksbury Senior Center, 175 Chandler Street!

Remember Your Mother on Mother’s Day with a Donation to Power of Flowers Project

Remember those times your mother made you smile?
Return the favor this Mother’s Day.

When you make a donation in your mother’s name to the Power of Flowers Project, you honor your mother with hand-made bouquets delivered to those in need of a smile.

A beautiful card with the image below will be sent per your instructions. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that your donation spreads smiles to the elderly, veterans, critically ill, and shut-ins across the Merrimack Valley.

inside inscription
To honor you for Mother’s Day a donation has been made in your name.
The Power of Flowers is pleased to be part of your remembrance and grateful for your support of its mission.

A donation in your mother’s name is a unique way to remember your mother or to honor her memory this Mother’s Day.


Another fun and successful Power of Flowers Project Fundraiser at Beadles in Chelmsford!

Although the weather outside was frightful, the atmosphere inside Beadles in Chelmsford Center was bright and cheerful as Power of Flowers project volunteers and friends became jewelry designers last Friday night! Lots of laughs were shared, stories were told, and beautiful jewelry was created. But, best of all, funds were raised that will allow us to continue to rescue, reuse and deliver gently used flowers to our neighbors in need of a lift.

Beadles offers an amazing variety of beads in every size, shape, color and material imaginable – making the process of selecting just the right beads especially interesting. As we strolled around the shop, the beautiful sea glass brought back memories of summer and island vacations; the German and Venetian glass beads reminded others of European travels and the crystals had some of us thinking about aligning our chakras. There is truly something for everyone!

Many thanks to the talented, and patient, staff at Beadles who give us the run of their shop and makes this event a winner for us every time!

Zero Waste – EARTH DAY is Coming! – How are YOU doing?




There’s a new and growing trend in industries and businesses. Companies are adopting practices with the aim of producing “zero waste”. They’ve determined that it’s good for their company, their communities, Mother Earth and even their bottom lines.

Wikipedia defines “zero waste” as follows: “Zero Waste is a goal that is ethical, economical, efficient and visionary, to guide people in changing their lifestyles and practices to emulate sustainable natural cycles, where all discarded materials are designed to become resources for others to use.”

We at the Power of Flowers Project have long made recycling and re-purposing practices part of our every day operations. It’s what keeps us going.

* On a daily basis, we rescue and re-purpose flowers and greenery. Through donations of flowers from nurseries, galas, weddings, memorial services and more, we keep slightly used flowers from entering the landfills before their time. We break down the arrangements and create our signature tabletop bouquets and donate them to nursing homes, assisted living homes, meals on wheels and others in need of a spirit lift – free of charge.


* The cups that we use are biodegradable (capable of decaying through the action of living organisms) – so that we aren’t contributing to bad landfill fill.


* We reuse the plastic buckets to store and stage the flowers from the arrangements – readying them for use.




* The vases, urns,.containers, that we receive the flowers in, are cleaned and made available for re-sale to interested parties, at a deep discounted price

* Our Volunteers become aware of our efforts and can translate some of the ideas into their own lives.

* Our conscientiousness level is heightened – so we are always looking for ways to save and enhance our efforts.

With annual EARTH DAY – April 22, 2017 approaching –  what are YOU doing to help your little corner of the world? Check out the many resources on the Internet – ideas abound!

Have we piqued your interest? There are ways that YOU can help, by helping US.

* Donate your flowers from a wedding or other event (Check it out HERE)
* Donate your time as a Volunteer (Check it out HERE)
* Donate funds to help keep us operational (Check it out HERE)
* Set up the Power of Flowers Project as your charity of choice on Amazon Smile (Check it out HERE)

*To purchase vases, urns, containers – please contact Barbara B via the workshop – 978-226-8545

* Join us in our fundraising events (Check it out HERE)

Check us out and see – We think you’ll like us! And help Mother Earth in the process!

….Making a difference, one flower at a time….


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zero_waste



(picture from last year’s plant sale)


We’re sure that you all can agree – we are looking forward to SPRING! In all of it’s splendor!

Thoughts turn to planning and digging our gardens! We have plenty of inspiration around us.
The big flower and garden show just ended in Boston. If that didn’t provide enough inspiration then there are plenty of other ways that we are bombarded with inspiration – the magazines, the catalogs, Pinterest, and so much more. You’ve probably already seen your snowdrops blooming.
Despite the inclement weather, you’re probably seeing the starts of crocus, iris, daffodils and maybe even a hint of tulips.

We’re pretty sure that you are just itching to start digging and getting your fingers dirty! Enough of the cabin fever – you’re ready to get out and start digging!  WE ARE!

If weather predictions are correct, Mother Nature may be providing one more delay – a snowfall over the next few days. So while it may keep you from planting, it doesn’t keep you from planning your garden and the flowers that you will plant…..so set your sites on doing that final planning this weekend and THEN plan to join us at our ANNUAL PLANT SALE on May 6th to buy your plants and create that garden that are putting the final touches to this weekend and that you’re just itching to plant!




Plant sale flyer2 – no activities

(Snowdrop photo courtesy of pixabay)



the Power of Flowers Project is Seeking a Part Time Executive Director


About the Power of Flowers Project
Located on the Tewksbury Hospital Campus, the workshop buzzes with bouquet production 5 to 6 days a week. Hundreds of volunteers create and deliver an average of 350 free bouquets per week to over 150 care facilities in the Greater Lowell area. Volunteers also provide 4 to 7 flower Therapy Programs a month for residents in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities. Fundraising activities, such as the Spread the Joy Luncheon, Plant Sale and the Victoria Tea, occur throughout the year, and we host dozens of workshops in partnership with local nurseries and florists.

About the Part Time Executive Director Position
The Executive Director is responsible for executing the Power of Flowers Project’s mission to rescue flowers, repurpose them into beautiful bouquets and deliver them to seniors and others in need in our community, with the help of dedicated volunteers, to bring moments of joy and build caring, compassionate connections. This position also provides leadership and supervision of staff, volunteers, programs and fundraising activities. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors. Download complete Executive Director Job Description below.

Applicants should submit their resume and a cover letter explaining why they are interested in the position and their qualifications to Application for Executive Director. Please address any questions to Lois Alves, Search Committee Chair, at 617-335-8370 or at powerofflowers2017@gmail.com.


Click here for more information:  POFExDir Job Description –



A recent storm left behind striking colors in the form of a rainbow.
We all love to see rainbows! They give us a sign of hope after a storm and unsettled weather.
We may even fantasize about that “pot of gold” at the end of it!
Maybe it’s not gold that we find, but we do seem to feel hope that the “bad” is behind us. So when some “rainbow roses” made their way into our workshop recently, things ticked up a bit!

Though we may never find that legendary “pot of gold”, what we do find is that whether it’s a rainbow rose, or a regular rose, or a daisy, or any of the bright flowers that make up our signature bouquets —  that our bouquets seem to generate that same hope and smiles when we create them and deliver them.

Our recipients smile and feel hope – that uptick in spirits – knowing that someone cared enough about THEM to bring flowers and brighten their day! It certainly makes it all worth while!

….. Making a difference, one flower at a time…….

Actual rainbow picture courtesy of Mary Leach.